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  Available Webinars and Videos in English

Are You Killing the Benefits of Your Data Lake?, May 2018

Podcast: Bi-modal and Data Virtualization, May 2018

The Next-Gen Analytics Stack for Insights-Driven Organizations

Data Quality and Governance in a Data-Obsessed World

The Five Big Myths of Big Data at the Big Data Expo in The Netherlands

The Five Big Myths of Big Data

Big Data and the Dutch Tax Office (in Dutch)

Big Data + Enterprise Data = Big Information

2015 Tech Trends That Will Lead to Pervasive Data Analytics

Data Virtualization: Unleashing The Full Value of Big Data

Interview Data Virtualization Day 2013, New York

New Rules for Enterprise Integration

Lecture Series of five prerecorded sessions on Agile Data Integration for Business Intelligence

Claudia Imhoff interviews Rick van der Lans on Data Virtualization in BI Architectures

Claudia Imhoff interviews Rick van der Lans on Getting Started with Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization Day 2012: Presentation Highlight from Rick van der Lans and Wayne Eckerson

Short Introduction to Data Virtualization

BI Agility and Data Virtualization

Bridging the Gap: SQL and MapReduce for Big Analytics

Achieve BI Agility using Data Virtualization

 Thoughts on Data Virtualization, March 2012

 Increasing BI Agility, March 2012

 Why a Book on Data Virtualization?, March 2012

 BI Round Table, July 2010

 Independent Business Intelligence Analyst Platform Thank You, July 2008

  Available Webinars and Videos in Dutch

Enterprise Data Marketplace richt je op het aanbod, niet de vraag!, november 2018

Haal je data-architectuur uit de knoop, juni 2018

SQL niet geschikt voor Big Data? Toch wel!, januari 2018

Heeft het logical data lake de toekomst?, november 2017

The Five Big Myths of Big Data at the Big Data Expo in The Netherlands, september 2015

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Is Self-Service BI bedreigend?, Juni 2010

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Service Oriented Architectures, November 2006