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Who is Rick F. van der Lans?

Rick F. van der Lans is an independent analyst, consultant, author and lecturer specializing in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Virtualization, and Database Technology. He is Managing Director of R20/Consultancy which he founded in 1987. Rick has advised many large companies worldwide on defining their data warehouse, business intelligence, and big data architectures. Lately, he has focused on big data and logical data warehouses.

Rick is an internationally acclaimed lecturer. For the last thirty years, he has presented professionally, and has lectured in many of the European countries, South America, the USA, and in Australia. He has been invited to do keynotes at numerous international events.

He is ambassador of Kadenza. Kadenza is a Dutch consultancy company specializing in business intelligence, data management, big data, data warehousing, data virtualization, and analytics. In this parttime role, Rick works closely together with the consultants of Kadenza in many projects. Their joint experiences and insights are shared in seminars, webinars, blogs, and whitepapers.

Since 2005 he is the chairman of the European Business Intelligence and Analytics Conference (organized annually in London) and since 2014 chairman of the Data Warehouse and BI Summit (Organized annually in The Netherlands), and is named one of the big data voices.

He presents seminars, keynotes, and inhouse sessions on the following topics:

  • Big data and analytics
  • Data virtualization
  • The logical data warehouse
  • Data warehousing and business intelligence

He has written numerous successful whitepapers for several vendors, including Actian, Cisco, Embarcadero, Inergy, Informatica, Information Builders, MapR Technologies, RedHat, Rocket Software, Stonebond, Talend, and Teradata.

He has published blogs for the following websites:

He has written the following books:

Rick is one of the early members of the BBBT (Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust) whose mission it is to leverage business intelligence for industry vendors, for its members, who are independent analysts and experts, and for its subscribers, who are practitioners.

He was a member of the international standardization committee for SQL.