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Title: It's Time for the Logical Data Warehouse

Abstract: In 1964, Bob Dylan wrote the song ĎThe Times They Are A Changiní. He was (and is) probably not a business intelligence expert, although, with Dylan you never know. Still, this text is very true for the current world of business intelligence. In the beginning, users were satisfied with simple tabular reports showing what had happened. This was followed by the wish to show the data more graphically. Next, users wanted to have self-service capabilities, they wanted to analyze operational data and big data, and combine internal with external data. The new demands kept coming and it hasnít stopped since.

Itís hard for classic BI systems to support all these new requirements. All the data stores and all the copying make these systems too inflexible to implement the new requirements and to implement them fast. Luckily, the alternative has already arrived: the logical data warehouse!

As with all technologies, tools, solutions, and architectures, regardless of how valuable they were when introduced, they have an expiration date. Many BI systems have reached their expiration date and itís time for something else. Itís time for the logical data warehouse. Many organizations have already developed a logical data warehouse successfully using mature and robust data virtualization servers.

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