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Rick F. van der Lans is an independent analyst, consultant, speaker, and author. He specializes in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Service Oriented Architectures, and Database Technology



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Upcoming Events in English


 December 1-2, 2015: Business Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, London, by IRM UK

 December 6-11, 2015: TDWI Conference, Orlando, by TDWI

 April 18, 2016: The Logical Data Warehouse - Design, Architecture, and Technology, Rome, by Technology Transfer


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Upcoming Events in Dutch


December 3, 2015: Hadoop en NoSQL: de Technologie voor Big DataHilversum, Adept Events

Maart 3, 2016: Het Logische Datawarehouse: Architectuur, Ontwerp en Technologie, Brussel, IT Works

Maart 10, 2016: Hadoop en NoSQL: de Technologie voor Big Data, Brussel, IT Works

 Big Data Myth 4: Big Data is Unstructured Data, October 2015 

 Big Data Myth 3: Big Data is Too Big for SQL, October 2015 

 It's Time for the Logical Data Warehouse, October 2015 

 Big Data Myth 2: Analytics Requires Big Data, September 2015 

 Big Data Myth 1: Big Data is the Goal, September 2015 

 Convergence io Data Virtualization Servers and SQL-on-Hadoop Engines?, July 2015 

 The Data Strategy is the Puzzle, June 2015 

 The Next Stage of Hadoop and Big Data is all About Simplification, June 2015 

 How Self-Service BI is Changing Data Modeling, April 2015 

 Polyglot Persistence and Future Integration Costs, March 2015

 Data Virtualization and Data Vault: Double Agility, March 2015

 Interview on Big Data Benefits, February 2015

 The Wondrous World of Data, December 2014

 Big Data Warehouses Require Hybrid Data Storage, November 2014

 Self-Service Software Missing from Operational BI Picture, October 2014

 Snowflake is a New SQL Database Server for the Cloud, October 2014

 QueryGrid is New Data Federation Technology by Teradata, October 2014

 Pneuron is a Platform for Distributed Analytics, October 2014

 Drowning in Data Lakes and Data Reservoirs, May 2014

 Explore and Discover Hidden Opportunities, May 2014

 VisualCue: An Alternative Way of Working with BI Dashboards, May 2014

 Selecting the Right SQL-on-Hadoop Engine to Access Big Data, March 2014

 Predicting the Future of IT is Very Difficult, March 2014

 Convergence of Data Virtualization and SQL-on-Hadoop Engines, February 2014

 The Battle of the SQL-on-Hadoop Engines, February 2014

 An Overlooked Difference Between SQL-on-Hadoop Engines and Classic SQL Database Servers, January 2014

 Data Modeling in The Age of NoSQL and Big Data, January 2014

 The Network is the Database; Integrating Widely Dispersed Data with Data Virtualization, January 2014

 Data and Reality, January 2014

 Exploring and Investigating Data with CXAIR, December 2013

 The Data Scientist at Work, October 2013

 Text Exploration: Analyzing Text without the Hassle, August 2013

 Data Virtualization: Where Do We Stand Today?, July 2013

 Big Data is Changing the Database Server Market, Juni 2013

 NoSQL: A Challenge for Data Replication, April 2013


Articles in Dutch


 Het is tijd  voor het logical data warehouse, November 2015

 Is het topmanagement klaar voor het gevecht om big data?, Juli 2015

 Interview: 6 vragen over Big Data, Februari 2014


For a full list of articles, click here

Strengthening Self-Service Analytics With Data Preparation and Data Virtualization, September 2015 

Agile Data Modeling: Not an Option: but Essential, April 2015 

Streamlining Self-Service BI with Data Virtualization and a Business Directory, March 2015 

Behind the Scenes of a BICC in the Cloud, March 2015 

Investigative Analytics using Xurmo's Hadoop-based Platform, February 2015 

Migrating to Virtual Data Marts using Data Virtualization, January 2015 

Transparently Offloading Data Warehouse Data to Hadoop using Data Virtualization, November 2014

Self-Service Operational BI for SAP, August 2014

The New Generation of Self-Service BI, August 2014

Data Vault and Data Virtualization; Double Agility, August 2014 

Enriching Big Data with Mainframe Data Using Data Virtualization, July 2014

Making Mainframe Data Available for the Entire Organization with Data Virtualization, July 2014

SQL-on-Hadoop Engines Explained, May 2014

Re-think Data Integration: Delivering Agile BI Systems With Data Virtualization, March 2014

Discovering Business Insights in Big Data Using SQL-MapReduce, July 2013

Extending Business Intelligence with Text Exploration Technology, June 2013

Creating an Agile Data Integration Platform using Data Virtualization, May 2013


For a full list of whitepapers, click here.



The Five Big Myths of Big Data 

Big Data and the Dutch Tax Office (in Dutch) 

Big Data + Enterprise Data = Big Information 

2015 Tech Trends That Will Lead to Pervasive Data Analytics 

Data Virtualization: Unleashing The Full Value of Big Data

Interview Data Virtualization Day 2013, New York

New Rules for Enterprise Integration

Lecture Series of five prerecorded sessions on Agile Data Integration for Business Intelligence

Claudia Imhoff interviews Rick van der Lans on Data Virtualization in BI Architectures

Claudia Imhoff interviews Rick van der Lans on Getting Started with Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization Day 2012: Presentation Highlight from Rick van der Lans and Wayne Eckerson

Short Introduction to Data Virtualization

BI Agility and Data Virtualization

Bridging the Gap: SQL and MapReduce for Big Analytics


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He is the author of a series of articles on the Data Delivery Platform, a new and flexible architecture for developing business intelligence systems.

Download  your own copy of the BITF (Business Intelligence technology framework) here.




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